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Invisalign with Dr. Kamila

Most of you are familiar with the conventional way of correcting misaligned teeth using braces. We have good news for you, especially if you are looking for a discreet teeth aligner system. Book an appointment with Dr. Kamila today for more details on Invisalign.


What is an Invisalign?

Invisalign is an effective and discreet orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth by correcting dental misalignments. The best part is they are recommendable for both teens and adults. Unlike traditional braces, which constitute a system of noticeable metal structures, an Invisalign comprises a transparent series of thin plastic aligners. Like traditional braces, an Invisalign sits over your teeth for a specified period, usually two weeks, after which they are replaced with a new set, gradually aligning your teeth to the desired position.

These clear aligners are computer generated and custom-made to fit each patient’s needs. Most people find dealing with traditional braces challenging, mainly because of the significant changes they might have to make to their diet. With clear aligners, you can still stick to your normal lifestyle and diet routine as they are removable. With Invisalign, you can achieve a brilliant smile with straighter teeth without the hassle of dealing with a sensitive series of metal brackets.

Why Should I Consider Invisalign?

Dental concerns that can be corrected using Invisalign treatment include the following.

  •  Crooked teeth. These include mild and moderate cases, regardless of whether they are genetically inflicted.
  • Overcrowded teeth. If teeth crowding is mild, Invisalign treatment can be used to ensure consistency between the teeth and the jaws.
  • Spaced teeth. An Invisalign can help close the gaps between the teeth by gradually shifting them to the desired position.
  • Overbites and under bites. This is an excessive overlay of the upper front teeth with the lower front teeth, while an under bite is the protrusion of the lower front teeth. Shifting the upper or lower front teeth to a desired position using clear aligners can correct the flaws.
  • Cross bite. Some upper and lower teeth do not meet correctly when taking a bite. This cross bite can be corrected by aligning the upper and lower teeth.
  • Open bite. This occurs when the upper and front teeth fail to touch when the jaw is closed. Pushing and pulling the teeth to appropriate positions using Invisalign treatment is the best correction for an open bite.

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The Process of Invisalign Installation

Consultation with our well-versed professionals is the initial step. This is crucial as it fills you in on all the details of the entire Invisalign procedure. This one-on-one session allows you to raise any concerns for clarification. During the consultation, your teeth will also be thoroughly evaluated to determine your suitability for the procedure. If deemed appropriate, we will create your treatment plan and customize your transparent aligners to fit your needs using your teeth’s physical mold.

Ideally, you must wear the aligners for about 20 hours per day. They should only be removed when eating, taking beverages, or brushing. As you progress with your treatment, you will receive regular invites to our offices for check-ins on your progress and aligner replacements.

Improving your teeth’s appearance not only enhances your smile but also elevates your confidence. Trust us to walk this journey with you. Please book an appointment with us today.

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Our Promise to You

What is the age limit for Invisalign installation?

Invisalign is suitable for all age groups. However, you must consult a dentist before undergoing the procedure.

Is Invisalign more expensive than traditional braces?

This depends on factors such as the extent of misalignment. Call us for more information.

What is the age limit for Invisalign installation?

Invisalign is suitable for all age groups. However, you must consult a dentist before undergoing the procedure.

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