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In recent years, ozone use in everyday products has become increasingly popular because of its safe and natural oxidizing properties. At Dr. Kamila Modern Holistic Dentistry in Houston, TX, Dr. Kamila takes advantage of the sanitizing and healing abilities of ozone through gentle ozone therapy.

Understanding Ozone Therapy

Ozone is represented by the chemical symbol O3 because it consists of three oxygen atoms, one more than the oxygen we normally breathe (O2). This additional atom makes ozone unstable, constantly seeking to release electrons and revert back to its stable form as O2 through a process called oxidation.

Healthy human cells possess antioxidant properties that protect them from harm caused by ozone exposure. However, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold have biologically simpler cell structures and thus cannot survive when exposed to ozone. Oxidation disrupts their cell walls, causing them to die almost instantly.

Reasons Patients Choose Ozone Therapy in Houston

When it comes to dentistry, Dr. Kamila employs several methods for applying controlled amounts of ozone gas – as ozonated water or infused into organic oils – resulting in safe and effective dental treatments:

  1. Mercury-Safe Dentistry: During the process of removing amalgam fillings containing mercury from patients’ mouths safely and effectively without exposing them or themselves to toxic levels; oxidation assists detoxification through the utilization of ozone.
  2. Dental Caries Treatment: Ozone aids in killing bacteria responsible for dental decay (cavities), helping reverse early stages of decay and, in many cases, avoiding the need for drilling and filling procedures.
  3. Gum Disease Management: By sanitizing periodontal pockets and root surfaces, ozone treatment can help prevent bacterial re-invasion after deep cleaning (scaling and root planing).
  4. Tooth and Bone Infection: Ozone therapy strengthens the body’s immune response against tooth or bone infections, enabling better healing outcomes.
  5. Soft Tissue Abscesses and Ulcerations: Applying ozone can alleviate discomfort caused by cold sores (herpes labialis) or canker sores (aphthous ulcers) in a prompt manner.
  6. Extraction Procedure Assistance: Ozone is employed to cleanse extraction sockets thoroughly, aiming to reduce the risk of post-extraction complications. It also promotes natural healing by enhancing local circulation in the area.
  7. Sensitivity Reduction: Patients who experience tooth sensitivity due to conditions like acid erosion or thin enamel can benefit from ozone therapy. Ozone helps harden compromised tooth structures, reducing sensitivity. Additionally, it strengthens exposed root surfaces resulting from gum recession.


Ozone therapy offers a multitude of benefits in dentistry due to its potent oxidation properties. Dr. Kamila at Dr. Kamila Modern Holistic Dentistry in Houston, TX utilizes ozone in various dental treatments as a safe and effective means of disinfection and healing without causing harm to healthy human cells. These treatments range from amalgam removal and cavity treatment to managing gum disease, infection control, relieving soft tissue abscesses or ulcerations, assisting during extractions,and reducing tooth sensitivity. 

With ozone therapy becoming increasingly recognized for its therapeutic potential, patients in Houston are opting for this innovative approach offered by Dr. Kamila for their dental needs.

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We believe that high-quality dental care should accessible for everyone. That’s why we accept most major insurance plans and are priced competitively for those who wish to pay out of pocket. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our team is proud to now offer Sunbit as a monthly payment option at Dr. Kamila’s practice. Sunbit approves 85% of patients with no hard credit check and no late fees.

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