Get Your Homeoblock Treatment from the Best Dentists in Houston, Texas 

The Homeoblock Appliance is a detachable and uniquely designed oral orthodontic appliance. It looks like a combination of a bite splint and a retainer, and patients wear it over time based on the dentist’s instructions.

It can transform the shape and size of the maxilla by putting slight pressure on the ligaments and bones within the jaw.  The Homeoblock uses epigenetic signaling, enabling your genes to facilitate the correct development of your oral structures. 

The Homeoblock appliance has worked well for both the young and the old. Enhance your smile and improve your confidence with the best Homeoblock appliance treatment from Dr. Kamila Holistic Dental & Wellness Center. Our holistic dentists are just a call away to explain how the Homeoblock Appliance works.


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What Does the Homeoblock Look Like?

The Homeoblock resembles a combination of a night guard, expander, and retainer. Wearing it doesn’t hurt; you can wear it for ten to 12 hours at night. The Homeoblock’s first trademark was filed more than 18 years ago. This appliance features a unilateral bite area.


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Problems that the Homeoblock Appliance Addresses

Our Texas dentists will recommend the Homeoblock if you have issues resulting from an undeveloped maxilla. These issues include:

  • Overcrowded teeth
  • A narrow upper airway, which may cause sleep apnea and snoring
  • Inappropriate tongue positioning
  • Chronic fatigue due to the lack of restorative sleep as a result of poor airway
  • An asymmetrical facial appearance
  • Poor jaw alignment, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, clicking or popping jaw
  • Neck pain, headache, and poor head posture


Understanding the Biological Principles of the Homeoblock Appliance

The Homeoblock appliance is founded on the craniofacial development concept. This is the process through which the bones in the jaw and face develop over time. Homeoblock applies gentle yet continuous pressure to the jaw and teeth to stimulate the natural growth process of your body, which helps reshape the bones in the face and jaw. Ultimately, you will enjoy improved facial aesthetics, posture, and breathing. 

The Homeoblock Appliance According to Science

Homeoblock is made from a unique acrylic material structured to spark bone growth. It’s worn for a specific amount of time daily, and our professional dentists custom-fit the appliance to fit the patient’s mouth.

Research has revealed that Homeoblock can be a reliable natural treatment alternative for various airway or orthodontic issues. According to a study in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, patients treated using Homeoblock appliances showed remarkable improvement in facial aesthetics, posture, and breathing compared to those treated using conventional braces. 

Comparing The Homeoblock Appliance and Traditional Braces

Traditional braces apply pressure to the teeth to move them into the preferred position. These appliances are effective for straightening teeth but hardly address the prime skeletal issues that could be causing orthodontic problems. On the other hand, the Homeoblock appliance focuses on reshaping the bones in the face and jaw, improving the patient’s overall well-being and health. 

Homeoblock appliances are nearly unnoticeable, but traditional braces use wires and metal brackets. The former is made from clear acrylic material that is less visible. The Homeoblock is a natural alternative to conventional braces. It works together with the body’s natural development and growth and not against it. Homeoblock applies pressure to the jaws and teeth, encouraging them to move into their right positions. 

What are the Benefits of Homeoblock Appliances

At Dr. Kamila Holistic Dental & Wellness Center, we recommend the Homeoblock appliance for your orthodontic treatment for various reasons, as you will see below. 

Natural Outlook to Orthodontic Treatment

The Homeoblock appliance approaches orthodontic treatment from a natural point of view. Unlike conventional braces that use wires and metal brackets to move teeth, Homeoblock integrates with the body’s natural growth procedure to accomplish the desired results. It’s an efficient and comfortable treatment with enhanced overall health outcomes. 

Improved Facial Aesthetics

Homeoblock is designed to improve the alignment of the teeth and the general facial structure by promoting the development and growth of the facial bones and jaw. After using the Homeoblock for some time, patients will likely see a more balanced facial profile, a stronger jawline, and a more symmetrical face.

Improves Breathing and Posture

The Homeoblock appliance improves posture and breathing by making the nasal passages more spacious and widening the palate. Doing so reduces the risk of breathing disorders like sleep apnea while improving airflow. Moreover, Homeoblock aligns the neck and jaw, reducing strain on the joints and muscles and improving posture.

Minimizes the Need for Extractions

Conventional orthodontic treatment involves the extraction of one or even more teeth to make your mouth more spacious for proper alignment. But when our Houston dentist uses the Homeoblock appliance, patients don’t lose any of their teeth. Homeoblock creates more space in the patient’s mouth, which reduces the need for teeth removal. As a result, the process facilitates the preservation of a patient’s natural teeth. 

Reduced Treatment Times

The Homeoblock appliance offers a shorter treatment time than its traditional counterpart. Seeing that it prompts the natural growth procedure, leading to efficient bone remodeling and tooth movement, the process can result in reduced treatment times and minimal visits to your holistic dentist.

Who can use the Homeoblock Appliance?

The Homeoblock appliance is ideal for different patients with airway and orthodontic complications. Do you have crooked or overcrowded teeth? If you have facial asymmetry and jaw misalignment, our professional Texas dentists may recommend the Homeoblock appliance. Further, if you experience breathing or airway issues like sleep apnea, the Homeoblock appliance can be a suitable treatment option. 

How to Get Started with The Homeoblock Appliance

Do you want to use the Homeoblock appliance as your orthodontic treatment option? Start by booking a consultation session with our professional, qualified, and experienced Houston dentist. During your first visit to the Dr. Kamila Holistic Dental & Wellness Center, the holistic dentist will assess your facial structure, jaw, and teeth to establish whether Homeoblock is an effective option for your specific needs.

After confirming your candidature for the Homeoblock appliance, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth. These will help them create a customized appliance that best fits your mouth.

When your Homeoblock appliance is ready, our Houston dentist gives instructions to help you understand how to wear and care for it. Following these instructions to the letter is crucial to ensuring your treatment is effective. Some of the instructions include:

  • Wearing the Homeoblock for a defined amount of time per day, which can be between 10 to 16 hours
  • Removing the appliance when eating or brushing your teeth.

The Homeoblock appliance provides a natural orthodontic treatment alternative, resulting in long-term well-being and overall health improvements. 

If you are thinking about the best orthodontic treatment for your needs, evaluate the benefits of Homeoblock and discuss them with the best dentist in Houston, who will guide you in making an informed decision. 

What is the Cost of The Homeoblock Appliance?

The Homeoblock appliance’s cost depends on your case’s difficulty and your dentist’s experience level. Sometimes, Dr. Kamila Holistic Dental & Wellness Center dentists will charge you separately for the consultation, X-ray, fitting, adjustment visits, and appliance.

What is the Process for Cleaning the Homeoblock?

Brush your Homeoblock appliance with moderate pressure using a high-power electric toothbrush. 

Thoroughly clean the expansion mechanisms, springs, and the whole surface of your Homeoblock. Avoid using toothpaste. Instead, use fine pumice or baking soda, even though these are unnecessary. Cleaning plaque or other minerals is easy, but you must do it immediately after removing the Homeoblock from your mouth. 

Cleaning Stubborn Tarter or Hard Plaque from Your Homeoblock Appliance

Suppose you notice the accumulation of yellow hard plaque or stubborn tartar in your Homeoblock. In that case, you must soak the appliance in a mixture of half water and half white vinegar for approximately 20 minutes. Vinegar is a mild acetic acid that is ideal for breaking down calcium layers. Once you remove the Homeoblock from the vinegar, consider cleaning it moderately using a high-power electric toothbrush.

Avoid using blunt tools or objects to remove plaque accumulation from the Homeoblock. Doing so can damage the expansion mechanisms and springs. Don’t scrape the plaque or forcefully remove it from the upper Homeoblock.

Often, vigorous plaque removal can damage the Homeoblock, and you will need to have it adjusted by our dentist. Removing too much plaque from your Homeoblock can change how it fits into your teeth. 

How Long Does it Take Before the Homeoblock Can Work?

In many patients at Dr. Kamila Holistic Dental & Wellness Center, repositioning the mandible and prompt maxillary growth takes 5-6 months. Normally, our dentist will recommend a preventive oral device (POD) for you to wear during the day for a few hours. This device trains your tongue, helping you fine-tune your sphenoid bone.

Sometimes, holistic dentists in Houston advise patients to continue using Homeoblock for up to 18 months, during which they will also have a daytime appliance and be given instructions to follow. The longer the patients use the appliance, the more bone growth they get. It’s worth mentioning that different individuals display different results depending on various factors like their genetic potential. 

What Can You Expect From the Homeoblock Appliance Treatment?

Once you consult Dr. Kamila Holistic Dental & Wellness Center, qualified dentists will develop an orthodontic plan that best fits your needs. We encourage our patients to follow instructions to the letter to accelerate their healing process. The Homeoblock appliance is an incredible innovation in the adult orthodontia realm. Contact us now to book your next appointment.